Residential solar panel systems have become extremely well-known in recent years. The reason for this is that more and more people are keen to save a lot of money on their electricity bill, take advantage of solar incentive programs, and lower their carbon footprint.  

Though some homeowners might love the challenge of DIY projects, DIY solar panel installation is a complicated task that needs a huge knowledge of a solar panel system. Because of this, a lot of experts recommend hiring a trained and licensed professional to install the system.  

Each home project comes with some benefits and drawbacks. If you’re really considering DIY solar panel installation for your renewable energy needs, perhaps it’s best that you first weigh the advantages and disadvantages of DIY installation. 

The Benefits of DIY Solar Panel System Installation 

You might feel that you can enjoy some of the benefits if you install your own solar panel system. These benefits include: 

  • Experience a fulfilling challenge for people who love DIY projects. 
  • Power conveniently another building on your property. 
  • No installation expenses.  
  • Easier access to buy online solar panels or from a local wholesaler directly. 

The Disadvantages of DIY Solar Panel System Installation 

Since the correct solar panel system installation is a complex and time-consuming procedure, there are a couple of disadvantages to installing solar panels by yourself. This includes: 

  • Working on roofs can be risky and result in a serious injury or fall if not cautious. 
  • You will spend bigger upfront expenses for time, equipment, and tools.  
  • You will have no warranty support or claims if the solar panel system does not properly work. 
  • You run the threat of improperly connecting the solar panels, possible leaks, and roof damage.  
  • DIY solar panel installation raises the margin for error when it comes to solar efficiency.  

While the benefits of DIY solar panel installation might appear satisfying and convenient for a DIY-loving individual, the truth is that installing a solar panel system by yourself needs experienced labor. Because of this, you will greatly benefit from a professional solar panel installation. 

Reasons to Hire a Professional to Install Solar Panel Systems 

  • Protect Your Home’s Integrity 

Keep in mind that solar panels are heavy. Thus, carrying them onto the roof in an efficient and safe way will be extremely hard. The panels might weigh a lot that they can damage the roof and your gutters if you are not careful. 

  • Offer Cost-Effective Maintenance and Installation 

A professional can help improve your ROI by installing and mounting the solar panel system in a way that optimizes your sunlight hours to convert the most amount of energy every single day.  

  • Timely Installation 

Keep in mind that when you install a solar panel system, you’ll have to read instructions. If you’re a regular homeowner, you might be confused with the foreign words used in the instruction. Fortunately, a professional solar panel contractor is trained and experienced when it comes to installation. This means that they can install your system in a timely manner and guarantee every part is connected properly.