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Good Neighbor Policy

Dells TimberLand recognizes that we are part of a community and just like any other community the actions or inactions of a member of the community can affect the neighbors positively or negatively. The intent of this policy is to define rules and guidelines that Dells TimberLand Camping Resort will use to be a good neighbor and create a positive atmosphere in the community.

Anything that makes noise, the use of machinery or events that people attend at the campground will create some level of noise. We will consider noise a form of pollution and control it to prevent unnecessary exposure to our neighbors.

• Whenever possible noise should be kept to a minimum between the hours of 11:00pm and 7:00am
• Although not always possible, every effort will be made to plan events so that they end prior to 10:30pm

Community Use of Facilities
Prior to the adoption of this Good Neighbor Policy we have followed an unwritten policy allowing locals to swim at no charge when the pool was not busy. However the term “local” had grown to extend as far south as Wisconsin Dells and as far north as Point Bluff. The no charge swim policy was intended to reward neighbors of Dells TimberLand and was not intended to be a public pool for the surrounding communities. The Good Neighbor Policy limits the free swimming to close neighbors of Dells TimberLand.

Residents of the Arbor Lakes North subdivision are welcome to use our pool between the hours of 10:00 and 4:00 on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, (holiday weekends excluded) if pool and Campground occupancy levels allow.

  • A responsible adult must accompany and remain with swimmers.
  • The responsible adult must sign a waiver releasing Dells Timberland of any liability.
  • To access the campground and use the pool the responsible adult should
    • Park in the grass area between Hwy 12 and the campground driveway.
    • Come to the campground office to register.
    • Present a picture id with an address from the Arbor Lake North subdivision.
    • Register each swimmer by name and sign a waiver.
    • Place the supplied car tag in their vehicle before swimming.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to call ahead to verify that pool and Campground occupancy levels are low enough to allow for the free swimming.
  • This is a free swimming invitation, use of other activities like the jumping pillow, mini golf and basketball are available for a small fee.
  • Standard pool and Campground rules apply; failure to follow rules will result in ejection.

Tourist related business generally equal increased road traffic. The camping business not only involves passenger cars it also involves larger vehicles like travel trailers and motor homes. Many of these larger vehicles are harder to maneuver and are driven slower. The curiosity of tourists coming to the area will cause them to drive slower and sometimes drive erratic. As a business that deals with tourists we need to do what we can to minimize slowdowns and promote safe driving.

  • Whenever possible we will direct traffic to approach the campground from the East. It is easier for larger vehicles to make the turn into the park and the approach visibility is better and safer.
  • We will be aware of the parking and Hwy 12 relationships. Once the parking area is full, vehicles could stack up on Hwy 12. In the event that someone is blocking traffic while waiting to get into the driveway we will expedite the process and clear the driveway so that traffic can resume as normal.
  • We will maintain information and directional signs to help prevent drivers from making erratic maneuvers.

Charitable Contributions
A limited budget is available, priority is given to local orginizations and charities connected to Dells TimberLand via our guests. Requests can be sent to Dells TimberLand at P.O. box 72 Wisconsin Dells WI. 53965.