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Campground Rules

Vehicles (1.10)
Please obey all traffic signs. The Speed Limit throughout the park is 5 MPH. No parking on the grass or blocking the road, without permission. All Vehicles, including bikes driven at night must have headlights and reflectors.

Swimming Pool (1.7)
(NO LIFEGUARD PROVIDED) Swim at your own risk An adult must accompany children at all times. Swimming Pool rules are posted in the deck area and must be observed at all times.

Fires (1.2) (Think Safety First)
Caution: Fires can cause serious injury as well as loss of life or property. Always supervise children near a fire. Never touch a hot fire ring. Never use flammable liquids near a fire. Never put, throw, or squirt any flammable liquids on a fire and remember that hot dog and marshmallow forks can cause serious burns. Fire rings must not be moved. A fire is the responsibility of the person who started it. Fires must be attend to and monitored by an adult until the fire is completely out. Fires must be contained in the fire ring. Nothing should be sticking out beyond the ring.

Noise (1.9)
Quite hours are from 10:30PM to 8:30AM. Except race nights, then quiet hours start when the race ends. During Quite Hours noise should not be heard outside your campsite, and children should be at their sites. During daytime hours, please keep noise levels low enough so everyone can enjoy their own entertainment.

Occupancy (2.2)
Rates are based on 2 adults and up to 6 of their dependent children on one site. Families may have a total combination of 8 persons per site, with the number of adults not to exceed 4. The Campground may challenge the validity of a person acting as a guardian and may refuse accepting that individual as a guardian. No more than 4 adult campers can be registered to one site. The fee for additional people, Day or Overnight guests is $5.00

Wood (1.6)
In accordance with Wisconsin DRN rules to prevent the spread of tree killing pests and disease, all wood must come from local sources. Wood may not be brought in from out of state or county unless it is kiln dried. Trees living or dead are not to be damaged in any way. No woodcutting or gathering is allowed, please bring or purchase your wood.

Health and Safety (1.3 – 1.4 – 1.5 )
Use of fireworks and firearms is prohibited in the campground. Any action or inaction deemed to be dangerous by the staff is prohibited. State Law prohibits the dumping of any and all wastewater on the ground. All wastewater must be collected and disposed of at the dump station located at the North end of the park.

Pets (1.12)
Owners are responsible for the health and safety as well as any and all actions of their pets. Pets must not threaten others in any way. If an animal is found to be aggressive, threatening, frightening or intimidating it must be removed from the property. No more than 2 of any one type of pet is allowed on a campsite. Pets must be restrained at all times. This could include keeping them in a trailer, kenneling, or on a leash. Pets and or the restraining system used to control them, must not cause damage to trees, plants or property. Owners are required to clean up after their pets. Pets must be kept reasonably quiet for the time of day. For example, occasional barking of a dog at noon time is different from occasional barking of a dog at midnight. Failure to adhere to these rules will require that the pet be removed from the property.

Alcohol (1.1)
Responsible consumption of alcohol by adults is allowed. Loud, boisterous, obnoxious or drunken behavior is prohibited. Only legally obtained, over the counter, or prescription medicines are allowed in the Campground. Use or possession of any other drug is prohibited. Operating any vehicle or means of transportation in the Campground while impaired by drugs or alcohol is prohibited. No under age drinking is allowed. Only one warning is to be issued and the individual will be escorted to their parent or legal guardian. If no guardian is present the Juneau County Sheriff will be contacted.

The full list of campground rules can be found in the “Complete Rules and Policy Book”
Failure to adhere to all of the park rules may result in revocation of your use permit